Ing is spot on. QUOTE ...symbolic end point of the trajectory of extraction-based economies that colonists forced on the island — from whaling and sugar to luxury tourism and the fossil fuel industry. 

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Really?... You are unfortunately reporting on a political farce….

I hope the court finds no real evidence and should find NO science about why climate change plays ANY role

If some scientific proof can be shown I would pay attention……. but there is NONE!

The best scientific explanation of the situation is contained in this article linked here and I suggest you include this in your article.. but of course you wont …….as it does not fit your politicized agenda.


These are facts for you...... It just shows how such natural disasters can be caused by bad land management.

Lets hope we follow an adaptive approach to any climate issues…. NOT MITIGATION.

And the adaptive solutions will definitely require an INCREASE in the use of fossil fuels.

I can furnish facts from NOAA that shows that droughts are NOT increasing in North America and globally they are declining!...

Of course… changes in local WEATHER conditions will vary and always calls for adaption in that local area… exactly what we are experiencing with bad managed forests and grass lands with increased poor and irresponsible human habitation causing the fires in many parts of the world.

While I am on the subject of reality …..

In the next 2 years expect to see significant push back on the whole climate mitigation farce as voters have to trade prosperity (or lack of ) with the virtue signaling woke driven climate change emergency agenda.. more in link


Here is some reality science for you..


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Big fan of litigating Big Oil back into the dirt for concealing the dangers of burning fossil fuel. But does anyone think it would have made a difference had we known the perils decades ago?

We've known enough for long enough, and still did nothing. The world is on fire now and we're still doung next to nothing.

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I hope Hawaii got its day in court today without case dismissal as it seems there were warnings given to attend to the non-native grasses for example; could the distant Hurricane apparently responsible for the high winds have resulted from more than abnormal weather patterns? Alarms not sounding although I doubt they could have saved lives in Maui. Have followed closely this week since I have friends who were there just a few years ago, status now I cannot determine 💔; concerned that the power lines were not cut but perhaps not time to reach them? So many factors that could be deemed “excuses” by BIG OIL for the unimaginable devastation. Hotter air and water temperatures, etc. I simply hope the evidence is clear to hold BIG OIL accountable for this unthinkable disaster without laying blame at the feet of victims. 😢

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