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The people have been denied the power knowledge gives, which means we’ve effectively been governed by Big Oil on climate change.” –Rep. Jamie Raskin, Oct. 23rd, 2019

The climate crisis wasn’t inevitable.

Like the opioid and tobacco industries, Big Oil knew its products posed a “catastrophic” risk long before we did. But instead of sharing that knowledge or taking action to prevent disaster, oil and gas executives decided to bankroll an enormously consequential campaign to deceive the public and policymakers about climate change and obstruct action to address it.

That’s where ExxonKnews comes in.

We serve as a watchdog over the fossil fuel industry’s continued campaigns to deceive the public, delay climate action, and avoid paying for the harm they knowingly caused. And we’ll bring you the latest on what’s being done to hold these polluters accountable.

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About the Center for Climate Integrity

The Center for Climate Integrity is driven by our mission to empower communities and elected officials with the knowledge and tools they need to hold polluters accountable for their contributions to the climate crisis.

Check out our work at climateintegrity.org.

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Big Oil is still deceiving the public today. ExxonKnews shines a light on the fossil fuel industry's role in driving the climate crisis — and the growing movement to hold the biggest culprits accountable.



ExxonKnews shines a light on the central role that Big Oil and its efforts to deceive the public play in driving the climate crisis — and the growing movement to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable.